Purpose of the Project,

The overall purpose of the project is to strengthen the role of women in social, cultural, economic and family life, and to raise the status of women and family. Special purpose of our project in cooperation with Gökkuşağı İstanbul Kadın Kuruluşları Platformu/GİKAP – Rainbow Istanbul Women’s Organizations Platform / GİKAP established in 1995 by Women NGOs; construct communication, information flow, consultation and collaboration; to increase the capacity of women’s NGOs and to carry out publicity activities necessary for the implementation of this model; to combine the forces of NGOs in the solution of social problems and to use their resources effectively and share experiences; to be active in the civilian arena for women who build the world of the future, sensitive to their family life and values among NGOs focused on women and families.

Target Groups:

  • Establishing communication, consultation, permanent dialogue and cooperation on a regular, sustainable basis between at least 30 women’s NGOs operating in Istanbul
  • Contributing to the development of capacities of at least 30 women NGOs
  • Establishment of digital information flow environments in which at least 100 women’s NGOs in Istanbul will participate
  • Ensure that information and opportunities for women, families and women NGOs are easily accessible
  • To document the work done, to make the model as a book

Activities carried out within the scope of the project:

  1. Trainings

Monthly consultation meetings were held and organizations participating with regular representatives to the trainings were identified. Invitations to the programs were forwarded to these organizations. In-service training seminars were organized to improve the capacity of women’s NGOs to use the field.

Training Topics:

  • “The Change of Islamic NGOs in Turkey”
  • “Women in International Conventions”
  • “Effective and Active Use of Social Media in NGOs”
  • “Fieldwork and Reporting in NGOs”
  • “Fieldwork and Reporting in NGOs2 / Implementation”
  • “Correspondence in NGOs”
  • “Civil Society, City, Identity and Communication”
  • “NGOs and Media”
  • “Civil Society Organizations and Attitudes in Psycho-Social Affairs”
  1. Seminars, Workshops and Meetings

Organization of Monthly Meetings

November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July monthly consultation meetings were held. Participants shared information about the workshops, projects and activities on a regular basis. During the monthly meetings the Event Board was organized. The WhatsApp group was used to share information before the meeting.

In addition, document sharing was actualized with the e-mail group created in digital environment.-. Conference on The Role of Women’s NGOs in Our Country Conference on Historical Development:

On 23-24 March 2016, a two-day conference was held in which the role of women’s NGOs in our country, its historical development, and the important problems of our country, the social peace issue, was addressed from the perspective of women’s NGOs.

  1. Social and Sportive Events

– Social Activities for Women’s NGOs:

2 Social Events were held. In the event; Civil Society representatives and the achievements achieved within the scope of the project were evaluated. Activity suggestions were received for the next term.

  1. Book Publication and Reporting

In order for other NGOs to benefit from the structuring model used by the platforms, a book titled “A Model of Non-Governmental Organizations: Platforms” was prepared.