In 1970’s a group of voluntary women started to work in civil society areas which caused the birth of some organizations these are ‘‘Hanimlar Ilim ve Kultur Dernegi” (Women Science and Culture Association),” Sefkat Vakfi” (Affection Foundation), ‘‘Hanimlar Egitim ve Kultur Vakfi’’(Women Education and Culture Foundation), ‘‘Kadin Saglikcilar Dayanisma Dernegi’’(Women Healthcare Providers Solidarity Association), ‘‘Felakette Acil Yardim Dernegi” (Immediate Aid in Disasters Association),”Gokkusagi Istanbul Kadin Kuruluslari Platformu” ( Rainbow Istanbul Women Establishment Platform). These organizations bring together our values and modern methods working with communication, consultation and collaboration.

IKADDER established in 2006 and its principles are continuing of these organisations’spirit.   Women who serve in various areas in Istanbul, voluntary women establishments’ presidents, members and volunteers constituted IKADDER. Our association became meeting address women’s and establishments’, who think global, and find local and unique solutions to social problems. In addition to that our organisation is a member of Ministry of family and social policy family and society service general directorate consultative committee and   Istanbul Governorship struggle with drug province council member.


Move from respect of differences, NGO’s who solve problems with collaboration and solidarity and starting with our country, become widespread of sustainable peace, welfare and happiness.


The mission of IKADDER is to strengthen women and family statue with communication, consultation and developing collaboration models via NGO’s and other organisations.