ailemiz_p_logoThe goal of the project are; to increase the proportion of conscious media audiences, creating a civic initiative representing the community, to guide the individuals / institutions / organizations in showing positive / negative reactions to publications, to protect and support the family institution, primarily children, and to prevent the loss of value. The protocol was signed by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies of Turkey and the NGOs from different sources of Turkey in which we have contracted so that the project is expanded.

In our country, the RTÜK Rules are structured to protect family values,​​ children and youth against harmful publications. However, for the implementation of these rules, the public should be as conscious as the public administration is, and their reactions and appreciation should be conveyed to the concerned parties. In this context, our project includes the responsibilities of the responsible and conscious people to transmit their reactions about the television broadcasts to the RTÜK, the channel that broadcasts the program, the program producer, and the main sponsor.

The person involved in the project either individually or through a co-operative NGO has been subscribed through the project website; participated in the survey to determine the most useful and harmful publications; reacted to the most beneficial / harmful publications announced as a result of the survey in line with the sample petitions given through the website, so that a family-oriented transformation has been achieved in TV broadcasts.

The Reason of the Project: Turkey is over many countries with an average of 4 hours and 17 minutes of TV viewing habit per day. While 85% of the people in Turkey complain about television broadcasts, the rate of complaints reaching the related institutions is 2.5%.

Television, as one of the mass media; in addition to its socialization, education, political participation, entertainment, as well as positive functions; has negative functions such as misinformation, mind control, ideological direction in the direction of interests, orientation of violence, loneliness and social hatred, abuse of children and young people, consumption culture formation, cultural imperialism, degeneration of national and spiritual values.

According to the above information, our project prepared so that the public is informed through education, the influences of the conscious preference’s publishing policies change, The announcement of the voice of silent masses and the contribution of the “clean media clean society principle” is activated.

Goals of the Project:

– Contributed to the number of conscious media audiences,

– Turkey has supported 50 NGOs and 2,500 people to become activists,

– People’s reactions to the media were relayed to interested parties,

– Protecting the family establishment as contributed to the prevention of depreciation,

– TV channels / Producer / Sponsors family-friendly perspective developed,

– RTÜK Rules found application floor,

– 50 people were educated as “Family Education Program Trainer”.

Target Groups:

Family members, especially children / young people, and all segments of society, RTÜK workers, media employees and the project group are among the target groups.

Activities carried out within the scope of the project: 

  1. Under the project, A protocol was signed with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. Project partnership was made with 52 NGOs throughout Turkey.
  2. Promotional programs (All programs were realized in collaboration with the NGOs that signed contracts and the Provincial Directorates of Family and Social Policies)
  • İzmir
  • Diyarbakır
  • Adana
  • Konya
  • Samsun
  • Malatya
  • Karaman
  • Ankara
  • İstanbul

Within the scope of the project, the project was introduced and informed by participating in Radio and Television Programs.

  1. Motivation and evaluation workshop with cooperating NGOs

Within the scope of the project, “My Family Project for the Media We Dreamed” was organized.

  1. Aile Eğitimi PRogramı – Family Education Program (AEP) Trainer Training

51 instructors were trained with participation from all over Turkey. The Family Education Program (AEP) was developed by taking into account the basic needs of the families, and consists of a total of 26 modules in 5 areas (Health, Law, Media, Family Communication and Economics).

  1. Follow-up work of public and advocacy works on media
  2. Conducting surveys on TV broadcasts and evaluating the results

Within the scope of these studies, the results of the questionnaires were evaluated and 5 channels (RTÜK, Program Publishing Channel, Sponsor Company, Producer Firm and Project Coordinator) were delivered via the website.

  1. Preparation of output book and handbook

The book of the output of the project works and a handbook was prepared to support the positive / negative reactions of the people to the TV programs during the project process.