The aim of the project is to strengthen the institutional capacity of Türkiye STK Çocuk ve Gençlik Platformu- Child and Youth Platform of Turkey (T-STK ÇOGEP) which was established in 2010 and started to produce services;

  • To construct a communication, information flow, consultation and cooperation zone between the NGOs having activities for young people and the people and institutions concerned,
  • To create a platform model that influences decision-making mechanisms by creating a policy for the development of young people who will build the world of the future and are sensitive to their values and family life,

– It is modeling the system created nationwide and performing visibility activities to reach more accurate service.

Target Group:

It is foreseen that at least 20 NGOs, 4 district municipalities and 2 ministerial representatives in the youth field will participate in the project. These organizations were aimed to come together on the basis of communication, consultation and cooperation as members of the Türkiye STK Çocuk ve Gençlik Platformu- Child and Youth Platform of Turkey (T-STK ÇOGEP). If each NGO is considered to have at least 100 young people in Target Groups, it is planned that at least 2,000 young people will be reached even through NGOs only, and the municipalities and ministries have targeted tens of thousands of young people to the project. Through the Türkiye Aile Platformu-Turkey Family NGOs Platform (TÜRAP) channel, communication with NGOs was made in Turkey, and the opportunity to transfer knowledge and experience with NGOs was developed throughout the country.

The ministries involved in the project are T.C. Ministry of Youth and Sports, T.C. Ministry of Family and Social Policy, T.C. Ministry of National Education, T.C. Ministry of Health, T.C. Ministry of Justice, T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, T.C. Ministry of the European Union, etc. and participation of at least two of them were targeted. There were official correspondences with the Ministries based on continuity with the ministries. 

Headlines in the Project

  1. Organization of Monthly Meetings

During the project, 7 Platform Assembly Meetings (February, March, April, May, June, September, October) were held. At these meetings, problems with young people, activities of organizations, solution proposals, best practices, and so on were addressed within an agenda.

  1. Follow-up on programs organized for youth and advocacy work were actualized.
  2. (İKADDER-ÖZLENDER-HEKVA- for 9 Months when necessary)
  3. Social activities (İKADDER-3. Month-9. Month )

Platform members and the people and institutions that they collaborated with organized two social events in which they made a general evaluation.

Preparation of public service announcement for youth (6-7-8. Months)

Within the scope of the project, a public service announcement was set up for calling young people to be active in Civil Society Organizations. Young people were told that civil society’s broad involvement areas included all areas of activity that would correspond to their needs, desires and demands. The public service announcement was established and was shared from the foundations’ and the project social media accounts.

  1. Sharing Experience workshop (İKADDER-ÖZLENDER-HEKVA-8.Month)

“Dünden Yarına Gençlik Çalışmaları Çalıştayı – Youth Work from Yesterday to Tomorrow” was held at Çamlıca Sabahattin Zaim Cultural Center on 4-5 October 2016 within the context of the “NGOs and Public for the Youth” Project, which is granted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Principal Consultant of the President of Turkey, Istanbul Governor’s wife, Advisor to the Minister for Family and Social Policy, Provincial Director of The Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Üsküdar District Governor, Üsküdar Governor, Üsküdar Governorship Representatives, Provincial Mufti Branch Representatives, from 10 cities (İzmir, Samsun, Karaman, Diyarbakir, Konya, Malatya, Kocaeli, Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul ) total of 75 people including NGO Representatives participated to 2 days workshop.

Workshop Topics:

  • “Principles Workshop for Public-NGO Joint Work”
  • “Active Role of Youth in NGOs Workshop”
  • “Activities in the Field of Children and Youth and the Role of NGOs After 15th of July Workshop”
  1. Preparing the Output Booklet

In order to provide infrastructure information for young people to be able to define civilian space, volunteerism better, as well as to establish their own fields in founder, management or operational studies, İKADDER prepared the book “Handbook of Young Civilian Society”.