İKADDER was awarded with the “Participation of young people in decision making mechanisms/ KAMGEP project in the Erasmus Youth Structuring Dialogue-3rd period. The project will last for 10 months to be executed in the international field.

The goal of the project,

In our country, there is a legal basis for the active participation of young people in decision-making mechanisms.However, the culture of participation in practices is not sufficiently established. Within the framework of our project to enable young people to be effective in decision-making;

  • Be informed about their rights,
  • To raise awareness of participation in politics and decision-making mechanisms,
  • It is aimed to conduct on-the-spot examinations of the participation of young people in local, national and international decision-making mechanisms in Europe.

Objectives of the Project:

Within the scope of “Structured Dialogue Projects”, our project complies with the Program principles under the following headings:

  • To encourage participation of young people in democratic life,
  • Young people with the decision makers meet on a common ground,
  • At the point they need to gain the knowledge and awareness of participation in democratic life.

Topics to be discussed within the scope of the project include:

  • Ensuring the participation of young people in the decision-making processes, particularly in the topics of interest to them in urban life,
  • Participation in decision-making processes at national level,
  • On-site examination of the participation of young people in decision-making processes in a European country,
  • Study of the reporting process under the written policy of Turkey in order to ensure the promotion of youth participation in decision-making document.


They are individuals who are willing to work and advocate in the international field, who speak at least one foreign language well, who are between 19-29 years old, preferably undergraduate students or graduates, who are open to development, have internalized the importance of voluntary work and aim to work in this field. Awareness and conscience individuals who are aware of the gains obtained as a result of this project, are sensitive to basic human rights and can accept the other as human without marginalizing them. In the project, public and non-governmental organizations work together to ensure that young people take an active part in decision-making mechanisms. All the achievements of the project will be made into a book and it will be expanded in digital environment. 170 young people are expected to participate in all activities within the scope of the project.


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