The goal of the project is to bring together refugees and young people from the Republic of Turkey on the ground of joint work and;

  • Improving the living conditions of young refugees living in or outside the camps in Turkey,
  • Supporting social adaptation processes,
  • Developing their social environments, in which they can express their differences as enrichment, language and culture oriented environments,
  • In order that they can be accepted as part of the solution rather than the object of the problem; providing a field research, to identify the problems of refugees and to provide suggestions for solution.

The project also aims to change the public opinion in order not to use a discriminative language that affects public opinion about refugees living in Turkey and to prevent alienation by preparing a public service announcement.

Of the young refugees who participate in the project activities;

  • The concerns of social exclusion will be removed, focus on their self-confidence,
  • Civil society awareness is increased; We will identify the NGOs who play an active role in the solution of the problems of our time and country,
  • It will be ensured that family and family members are positively influenced by the project results.
  1. Türkiye-Avrupa STK’ları İşbirliği Projesi (Turkey-European NGOs Cooperation Project – Ministry of Internal Affairs

The aim of the project is to strengthen the communication among the Turkish Community in Europe and to improve its links with NGOs in Turkey and;

  • Developing the their potentials to act together on common issues of our country,
  • Supporting capacities for joint action against regional problems and global threats,
  • In order to construct a basis to make use of experiences and practices, provide unity in communication, consultation and cooperation.

Goals of the Project:

  • To create an inventory of NGOs created by Turkish society and operating in Europe,
  • To strengthen the communication between Turkish NGOs operating in Europe,
  • To strengthen the links between Turkish NGOs operating in Europe and NGOs operating in Turkey,
  • To develop a communication model that can be applied worldwide