Name of the Association, Center, Aim and Work Area



Association’s Center                        : İstanbul

Objectives of the Association:

Article 2 – Purpose: Association has an aim that to be in solidary with persons, organizations or institutions that  are working on woman and familiy matters directly or indirectly. Also to support the  non-govermental women organizations, improve the status of women and institution of family works and contribute to social peace and happiness of society.

Subjects, Methods and Format of Operations:

  1. Makes educational activities and programs (conferences, seminars, panel etc.) in accordance with the purposes and within this framework, collaborating with institutions and organizations,
  2. Promotes and guides, NGOs to organize joint activities
  3. Encourages and guides the establishment of new NGOs, ,and gives awards to experts,academics, volunteers in order to encourage them.
  4. Grants scholarship
  5. Makes use of all community media, to transmit information of all kinds, radio, TV, communication tools like the internet,for the realization of this  publish newspaper, magazine, brochures, newsletters, pressing open the web site, e-mail groups establish and operate.
  6. Members or committees are set up through experts, do research and investigation, develop projects, and with them the tools to publish any publication or to transmit the appropriate authorities.
  7. Cooperate with establishment for the same purposes in domestic and international institutions, organizations and individuals.Participate in joint meetings with other civil society organizations, seminars and symposia
  8. The association realize goals and services and set up and operate companies to provide income to the association to be partners and to cooperate with these companies
  9. Open meeting halls, libraries, clubs, inns, clubs, dormitories, hostel, to work for the development of culture and art.
  10. To buy, sell, rent movable and immovale property, operate all kinds of movable and immovable property, make all kinds of construction.
  11. In the framework of the Law on Associations, to help other associations and foundations, and international organizations, to accept help funds from them
  12. To collect donations, grants and make donations , to accept conditional and unconditional testament
  13. To establish an association and become members, to set up federations, platforms and become a member.
  14. To cooperate with ministries, universities, educational institutions, NGOs and other related institutions, organizations and individuals, to make the establishment continuous and effective cooperation mechanism and the operation and development work. To stay in touch with the flow of information to provide domestic / foreign individuals, institutions and organizations


Membership Conditions, Rights and Obligations of Members and Membership Termination

Membership Terms and Conditions:

Article 3 – Actual persons and legal entities that are not prohibited from association with foundation membership are entitled to membership.

The application for membership to be made in writing, it shall be lodged at the latest within thirty days after the board of directors of the association is reached and the result shall be communicated to the applicant in writing.The accepted member is registered in the book kept for this purpose. In addition, the real or legal person who serves the de facto or unrewarded corps, who provide material and moral benefit, may be given the title of honorary membership with the decision of the board of directors Honorary members can pay dues if they wish. Honorary members are not entitled to vote.


Termination of Membership

Article 4 – Date of the termination takes place in the following conditions.

Resignation From Membership : Necessary qualifications for membership  in the loss of membership will end automatically.

Expelled From Membership : No one may be compelled to remain a member of the association. Each member with giving a written request, have the right to resign from membership.when Member resignation letter arrive to the board of directors would have resigned. with dismiss the membership, member’s accumulated debts cannot be ignored.

Automatically :Reasons for rem oval from membership are shown below:

  1. Engaging in conduct contrary to the statutes of the association,
  2. The duties constantly blowing off
  3. Despite written warnings not to pay dues within six months,
  4. Failure to comply with the decisions taken by the Association,
  5. Conditions that have lost members,


In case of the detection of the above-mentioned decision of the board can be removed from the membership of a member

Resulting from membership or removed from membership, the member is deleted from the registry and can not claim the assets of the association.

Member Benefits: 

Article 5  –Notified members may appeal that are against the decision within thirty days starting from the date of notification association board to the General Assembly through.The appeal will be discussed at the first general meeting and shall be decided.Connecting to appeal the decision all rights and obligations of members to continue.Member does not appeal time membership will be deleted.In case of rejection of the appeal in the general assembly, association board member’s record is deleted.

members who are issued from the general assembly within one month from the date may apply to the competent court.all the dues of members that are liabilities, unless it is paid association board may seek legal remedy except the person who died.

Obligations of Members:

Article 6 – Members of the obligation are:

Dues: Members’ input and yearly contribution payments will be determined at General Assembly Meetings.

Other Liabilities: Members are obliged to respect and show commitment to the association and to the association laws. Each member must act for the purposes of association, especially the member should refuse competitive or disruptive behaviors. 


Organizational Structure

Association structure:

Article 7 – Compulsory Organs of the Association;

The General Assembly

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

Article 8 -Association General Assembly of the Organization Form, Meeting Time , Call and Meeting Procedure: The General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the association.Also the general assembly is composed of registered members of the association. General meeting of the association is composed of registered members. When the number of branches reach three , the General Assembly, composed of naturel branch delegates and branch is composed of delegates elected by the registered member.

General Assembly:

1) is collected ordinarily at the time specified in this regulation

2) In cases where the management or supervisory board deems it necessary, or if the members of the association require the written request of one of the members, it shall meet extraordinarily within thirty days.

The Ordinary General Assembly meets once every two years, in March, on the day and place to be determined by the board of directors.The general assembly is called by the board of directors.

If the board does not call for the general assembly meeting; Upon the application of one of the members, the magistrate appoints three members to convene the general assembly.

Call procedure: The Board of Directors makes a list of the members entitled to attend the general meeting according to association bylaws. Members who has entitled to attend the general assembly meeting is called for at least 15 days in advance. The call is made date, time, place and agenda to be announced in a newspaper or in writing or by electronic mail notification. In this call, if the meeting can not be made due to lack of quorum,the second meeting day, time and place will be determined. The time between the first and second meetings less than seven days, not more than sixty days if the meeting cancel for a reason without lack of quorum, the call should announce duly like the first meeting to the members with specifying the reasons for delay. The second meeting, held within six months after the date of delay is required. Members are called again according to the principles stated in the first paragraph to the second meeting.

The General Assembly meeting can not be postponed more than once.

Meeting Procedure:

General Assembly collected by an absolute majority of the members. Also general assembly  is collected with the participation of two thirds, changes in statutes and in case of dissolution of the association. In case of postponement due to lack of quorum the meeting will be sought at the second meeting. However, the number of members who attended this meeting, the management and supervisory boards shall not be less than twice the number of members.

A list of the members entitled to attend the general meeting shall be made available at the meeting place. Officers appointed by the board members shall check identity documents who came to the general meeting. The members enter the meeting  against the names on the list held by signing. If a quorum of the meeting shall be recorded in a case and chairman of the meeting or one of the board members to be appointed by him opens the meeting.

If meeting quorum can not be achieved, a protocol is drawn up by the board.

After the opening, to manage the meeting with the chairman and vice chairman and secretary shall be elected council committee is create.

In the voting for the election of organs of the Association, to the council of the voting members present their ID and signing against their names in the Attendee list is mandatory.

Meeting management and ensuring the security belongs to council president.

Only the items on the agenda are discussed in General Assembly. However, if one tenth of the members write a decision to argue a matter chairman has to get on the agenda.

Management and the Audit Committee shall be taken by secret ballot of the elections, other issues decisions are voted open.

Each member has one vote; the members must vote in person in the General Assembly. Honorary members may attend general meetings but may not vote. After becoming a member of a legal person,the legal person appoints the chairman or another person to vote.

The issues discussed at the meeting and the decisions taken are written in a report and signed by the chairperson and secretary. After the meeting, minutes and other documents will be delivered to the chairman of the board of directors.

Chairman of the Board,is responsible to protect these documents and to give to the newly elected board of directors delivery within seven days.

Article 9 – Duties and Authority of the General Assembly:

The following issues will be discussed and resolved by the General Assembly.

  • Selecting the bodies of the Association,
  • Changing the rules of the Association
  • Discussion of the reports of directors and auditors and the board acquittal
  • The board of directors discuss the same or varying the adoption of the budget prepared
  • Supervision of other organs of the Association and if necessary, their dismissal
  • Denial of membership or expulsion from membership on the appeal against the decision of the board to examine and adjudicate
  • Association is required for the purchase of immovable property or sale of immovable property available to authorize the board of directors,
  • The board of directors will be prepared regarding association studies examine the same or amended regulations approved
  • Determining the amount of allowances, the salary of the management and supervisory boards, travel allowances and compensations and daily pay,
  • Association to join and dissociation the federation be agreed and to authorize the board of directors in this regard,
  • Derneğin şubelerinin açılmasının kararlaştırılması and to authorize the board of directors in this regard
  • International activities of the Association, to associations and organizations abroad to participate or separation,
  • Establishing the foundation of the Association of
  • To dissolution of the Association,
  • Board of Directors to decide to examine other proposals
  • The general assembly is the competent authority of the association which is not given to other organs of the association as a performance of works
  • Regulations made ​​by the General Assembly in fulfillment of other tasks specified,

Article 10 – Composition of the Board of Directors, Duties and Authority:

The Board of Directors is elected as the five regular and five substitute members by the general assembly.

At the first meeting after the election, the board of directors makes a division of members as the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member with a common decision.The board of directors may be called at any time, provided all members are notified. It is collected by having one more than half of the total number of members. Decisions shall be taken by the absolute majority of the total number of members present at the meeting.If there is a vacancy due to resignation or other reasons in the original membership of the board, it is mandatory for the substitute members to be called for the substitute votes in the general assembly.

The Board of Directors fulfils the following points.

  • Representing the association or in this regard one of its members or to authorize a third person
  • Making transactions on income and expense accounts and prepare the budget for the next period to the present general assembly
  • To prepare the regulations concerning the work of the association and to provide the General Assembly
  • With the authorization given by the General Assembly to buy immovable property, sell movable and immovable property belonging to the association, undertake the construction of a building or facility, make lease agreement, have pledge, mortgage or real rights in favor of associations
  • Open a branch of related party transactions to ensure with the authorization given by the General Assembly
  • Branches of the Association to be audited and if necessary, for justified reasons to dismiss branch boards of directors
  • Where necessary to ensure open a representative office,
  • Implement the decisions taken at the General Assembly
  • To regulate the association’s business account statement or balance sheet and income statement reports and to present them to the general assembly at the end of each activity year
  • Ensure the implementation of the budget
  • To decide association members to be taken or expelled from membership
  • To realize the objectives of the Association within the competence to take decisions and implement all kinds
  • Legislation, which gave him the authority to use and perform other tasks,

Duty and Authority of the President:

Article 11- President represents the association in conjunction with the management and administration and is chairman of the board.

President notify the local authority within thirty days permanent and alternate members of the management, the audit committee, other organs whose are be selected by general assembly. Association of changes occurring in organs and settlement providers within thirty days of being notified to the local authority.

The association’s books and records are kept by president.

By the end of the year activities of the association, will organize income and expense declaration on the results until the end of april each year at the latest to be given to the local authority provides.

In the event of foreign aid, it provides assistance received through the banks.

Real property acquired by the association and registered within one month from the local authority to be notified to.

In case of opening a representative office of the association, to be appointed representative and the address of the person or persons to be notified to the local authority.

The Board of Directors shall convene important and urgent matters.

Legislation should be made by the president of the association stated performs other duties and  uses authorized.                                                               

Formation of Supervisory Board, Duties and Authority:

Article 12 – Elected by the General Assembly is composed of three regular and three alternate members. The term of office may be elected again when finished.

Also checks the aims and objectives of the association shown in the charter activities in line with the realization of the mentioned subjects. And checks books, accounts and records are kept in accordance with regulations and the statute of the association.In addition checks in the association rules based on the principles and procedures at intervals not exceeding one year and presents the audit results in a report to the general assembly.

Working procedure itself detects. Supervisory board chairman or one of the members can attend to board meetings and offer opinions.

If the audit commitee wants any information, documents and records, the association must be shown or provided by the authorities of association.also they enter to management places and institutions.

Performs other duties in the legislation, uses the authority.

Legation :

Article 13 – The association is open representation where necessary with the decision of the board of directors. Association reports to civilian authorities the cancellation of representative associations in writing.


Branches of the Association 

Article 14 – Establishment of Branches of the Association:

Association, where necessary, may open branches by the decision of the the general assembly. Founding board of at least three persons give branch offices specified in the notice Regulation of Associations and the necessary documents, to largest local authority where is the branch.

Article 15 – Duties and Authority of the Branches:

Branches, non-entity, in accordance with the objectives and services of the association found in autonomic activity are obliged. Branches because of all the assets and liabilities arising from the operations of the association itself is responsible for the internal organization.

Article 16- Organs of branches and Provisions Applicable to Branches:

Organs of branch are, the general assembly, board of directors and the supervisory board . The General Assembly is composed of all registered members of the branch. The Board of Directors, five regular and five substitute shall be elected by the general assembly of the branch. Three regular and three alternate members of the supervisory board are elected by the general assembly of the branch. The duties and powers of these bodies for association with other provisions contained in these statutes, regulations, within the limits of the branches also applies.

Article17- Branch of the General Assembly Meeting Time and How Will Be Represented Branch in General Assembly:

Branch offices must end the ordinary general assembly meeting at least two months before the headquarters of the General Assembly meeting.Branch of the ordinary general meeting  would be  2 years in January, time and place to be determined by the board of branches collected in.

Branches, must report an example of the general assembly meeting notice results to administrative authority and  the headquarters of the association within thirty days after the date.

Branches, the head office General Assembly is represented by delegates.

Management and supervisory board chairmen of branch are considered naturel delegates. each registered delegate is given a twenty members in branches.the remaining number of members of more than 10 or the total number of members from 20 is less, a delegate is given to those members.

These delegates representing branches are entitled to attend the general meeting headquarters.

Delegates elected at the general meeting of the branch is the latest addition to the headquarters general assembly.Office management and audit committee members participated in the headquarters General Assembly but can not vote unless they are elected as delegates on behalf of the branch.

Those in charge of the management or supervisory board of the branches when elected to the board of head office management or supervisory, members are separated from duty of the branch.


Miscellaneous Provisions

Income of the Association

Article 18 – The Association’s Sources of Income:

Association’s sources of income are listed below.

  • Membership fees: membership fees is monthly 1 Tl and anually 12 TL. the general assembly may increase or reduce this amount.
  • Payment: 20% of the member payments collected by the branches to meet the general expenses of the association are sent to the headquarters every six months,
  • Donations and grants that real and legal persons have with their will,
  • Income from activities such as tea and dinner meetings organized by the association, travel and entertainment, representation, concerts, sports competitions and conferences,
  • Income derived from the assets of the association,
  • Donations and aids to be collected in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on assistance collection,
  • The Association shall recognize the profits from the business activities in order to provide the income needed to realize its purpose,
  • other incomes

Article 19 – The Association of Income and Expense Transactions:

Association income, “Receipt” is charged with. Association of revenues collected through banks replaces receipt document in case of slips or bank statements. Association expenses are done bills, retail sales slip, self-employment documents, such as spending with receipts.

However, the association, under Article 94 of the Income Tax Act relating to the payment of expenses according to the Tax Procedure Law compass is held. In this context, the payments for the “Expense Voucher” is issued. Making transfer delivering goods and services to person, institution or organization  by the association only can be with “Help Delivery Certificate”. Accepting delivering goods and services to association only can be with “Kind Contribution Receipt”.

Income and Expense Loan Procedure:

Article 20 – if required by the decision of the board of directors to carry out their activities can borrow. This borrowing can be madecash or on credit of goods and services. However, such borrowing can not be met with the association’s income sources and amounts of payments difficulties.

Internal Audit of the Association:

Article 21 – Association General Assembly, the Board of Directors or Supervisory Board may make internal audit.Also independent audit organizations can audit the association. General Assembly, the Board of Directors or to be made by independent audit firms auditing does not eliminate the obligation of the Supervisory Board .

The association’s control is implemented once a year by the Supervisory Board. The General Assembly and the Board of Directors when necessary make the audit or audit by independent audit firms.

Dissolution and Liquidation of the Association:

Article 22 – Association general assembly always may decide to dissolve the association. The General Assembly to decide on the dissolution of the association, must have the members entitled to attend the general meeting  and at least two-thirds of the delegates attending the meeting pursuant to the Charter. This majority is not reached at the first meeting of members and delegates are invited to the second meeting. However, the decision regarding termination, in each case in a meeting with two-thirds majority of members and delegates must be provided.

In case of dissolution of the association all property, money and rights, shall be transferred to another association or organization determined by a decision of the general meeting.

This association of the funds, assets and rights after the completion of the liquidation and transfer case by the liquidation committee with a letter within seven days of the location of the center of the association shall be notified to the local authority.Also liquidation report is added to this article.

Opening Club House and Facility:

Article 23 – Association, to get permission from the authorities concerned with the condition can lead to club house and recreational facilities, operating and can let others.

Set Up Common Purpose:

Association can establish fund to meet the needs of short-term loans to get essential requirements which are foods, clothing items for members, other goods and services. But they can not profit sharing provided and interest  to members of the Association.

Book and Book Entries:

Association, in accordance with the legislation to keep the amount of required books. Also keeping with the Board of Directors resolution shall be held at the desired other books.

Article 26-Terms Deficiency:

It matters not specified in the statutes of the Law on Associations, the Turkish Civil Code and the Law on Associations which have been referring to the Regulations and other relevant legislation shall be applied on the associations. 

Provisional Article 1: Created until the first general assembly of the association bodies, associations to represent and who will conduct association business and operations related to the temporary board members are listed below.


NAME                                                           WORK                                 SIGNATURE

Reyhan Oytun Öğüt BOARD CHAIRMAN  
Ayşe Uğuz II. CHAIRMAN  
Sevil Sürer ACCOUNTANT  
Havva Sula MEMBER  



This charter consists of 26 articles and one provisional Article.